Benji Hughes

    A Love Extreme


    A boozeblasted and chunky double LP of sly, crooned come-ons drifting above music that pinballs wildly from dirty folk to playful blues, A Love Extreme finds Benji Hughes’ laconic drawl and hotpants genre splits reminding you of a time when Beck was tossing off spinning, funk-sweat classics like Midnite Vultures with a freewheeling and smirky ease. From the skipping and headbobbed lilt of the skeletal crunch of “Tight Tee Shirt” to the falsetto psuedo-soul of “You Stood Me Up” to the strange electromash of noise, beats and laments that is “Even If,” Hughes’ greatest gift is that while he might remind you Mr. Hanson, he doesn’t make you miss him, either. A Love Extreme giddily steals from and collides with a kaleidoscope of genres, all without a trace of modern guilt.