Love Is All

    A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night


    A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night is an incredibly appropriate album title for this, the sophomore album from Swedes Love Is All. The album’s nearly 33 minutes are all anxiety and disappointment, rationalization and wonderment. It’s no surprise that these guys can’t sleep, their sheep refuse to be counted; they’re too busy going on about regret and hesitation.


    It’s a neat trick that Love Is All has pulled off on this record, making the mundane and common just as urgent and real as the enormous and intangible. They manage to give equal weight to unsatisfactory one night stands and routine romantic disillusionment as they do to unfulfilled hopes and the mysteries of the universe. All of this baggage is enough to make anyone anxious.


    The character of Love Is All’s music is overwhelmingly influenced by lead singer Joseph Olausson and her distinctive vocals. She sneers and hisses and wishes, but mostly she just chirps out declarations in a way that forces you to envision her as some kind of microphone-wielding Tinkerbell, flitting across the studio doing her damndest to exorcise all of her frustrations and questions, forcing the other four members of Love Is All to play their instruments with the frenzy they do on A Hundred Things just to keep up. Or maybe it’s the other way around.


    They might not know it, but they’re doing all of this for you. They do it so you can sit down and listen to hear that other laymen sit around and try to wrap their brains around concepts that escaped them and high school science class, and other people leave the party with people they don’t want to leave the party with. They stay up so that you can get some sleep.