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This U.K. electronic aggregate, which was named after Roland’s classic TR-808 drum machine, were considered a pioneering force in sound when they emerged in the late 1980s. Unbeknownst to most fans, they even received heavy airplay on American R&B stations in the early 1990s with the track “Pacific 202.” This box set will feature reissues of the band’s third, fourth, fifth and sixth albums, which spanned the years 1989-1996, when they recorded for ZZT Records. Specifically, it will feature the albums Ninety, ex:el, Gorgeous, and Don Solaris. Each CD will also offer bonus tracks. Fans should note that the group’s first two albums, which were released on the Creed label, will not be featured. Nor will the set offer the 1990 American release, Utd. State 90, an expanded edition of Ninety, which was put out by the Tommy Boy label.

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