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Since releasing 2007’s depressingly middling Curtis, 50 Cent has kept comparatively quiet. The mindless feuds with Fat Joe and Rick Ross garnered media attention, but otherwise 50 has been blessedly regulated to the shadows, the result of a weary and jaded record-buying public. His once-intriguing persona -- the suave and articulate yet vehement pop-rap titan whose music is defined by an isolative, disgusted nihilism but who has enough showbiz-ready charisma to wow Vivica A. Fox and the editors at GQ -- lost its luster a half-decade ago, and the occasional glimmer of apprehension is the only remotely interesting thing about 50’s recent activities. He realizes that in this age of slogging unemployment rates and rampant foreclosures, the world isn’t willing to purchase millions of copies of a stale product regardless of how much pot-stirring controversy is involved, and he’s visibly concerned: On the slow, somber track “Flight 187,” he takes aim at everyone from in-house producer Dr. Dre to the mother of his son, struggling to make sense of his turbulent life and demonstrating both irrational bluster and sorrow in the process.


At times on Before I Self-Destruct, 50’s desperation is palpable. He samples “I Get Money” on the glitzy ballad “Baby By Me” in a feeble attempt to recapture the energy of his last truly well-received piece of work. And on the halting “So Disrespectful,” he mocks familiar targets such as the Game and Young Buck. Although the exercise is bolder than most of Curtis (a record that came loaded with passionless bravado and monotonous, leaden taunts at anonymous foes), it fails to reach the ferociously exciting highs of classic diss tracks like “Wanksta” and “Back Down.” Smug, self-amused malice has been 50’s niche since “How to Rob,” but you’d hope that he would have outgrown such a facade by now, as a 34-year-old man more than a decade into his career.


Otherwise, 50 is still irrefutably 50: emptily romantic, ill-tempered, spiteful, and consumed by the idea of striking back at whomever might be his nemesis this week. (Jay-Z? Lil Wayne? An army of YouTube commenters? Bette Midler?) He has an undeniable charm and often exhibits a relaxed sense of humor in interviews, but he rarely employs it on record; instead, he raps like a black, burly Ebenezer Scrooge, grumbling and plotting revenge amidst the hollow seclusion of his Connecticut estate. If the woes of ghetto life hardened 50, wealth and clout haven’t helped. The hecklers continue to grow louder, and the supporters continue to decrease. Even those close to him are sources of infuriation; 50 makes ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins the focal point of his bile on the swanky number “Do You Think About Me,” pleading with her to simply accept his child support and leave him alone. This coldly reclusive attitude manifests itself in more than just the lyrical content: Tellingly, the only other rapper who appears over the course of Before I Self-Destruct’s 16 tracks is Eminem. Whereas Gucci Mane and Kanye West expanded their repertoires this year by collaborating with dozens of acts, 50’s villainous nature has rendered him a hermit, one that every pop figure makes a clear effort to avoid.


Still, the pessimism that hangs over Before I Self-Destruct is made a little less noticeable by the newfound enthusiasm with which 50 sometimes rhymes. He still has his moments of squirm-inducing lethargy, but the album features some of the more adept, dynamic flows 50 has waxed in years, particularly on “Crime Wave” and unadorned boom-bap single “Stretch,” the latter of which finds him engaging in Jadakiss-esque Pyrex-talk (fitting, since his hoarse vocals on the track bare a strong resemblance to those of Jada). Most impressively, he exudes confidence even in the presence of mainstream rap’s most colossal talent. Eminem’s recent Alfred Hitchcock phase might be carefully calculated -- the masses are enticed by spooky psychodrama, and one of Em’s greatest strengths is his mass appeal -- but he’s an intensely skilled rapper regardless of what he’s talking about, something that his verse on “Psycho” beautifully exemplifies. Em weaves around the measured, pulsating bleeps with a flow so devastatingly complex that you hardly notice the hackneyed references to Mike Myers, Christopher Reeves, and NyQuil. And 50 follows suit, emulating Shady’s slippery, multi-syllabic cadence.


But these bursts of energy are tempered by the sad fact that 50 hasn’t evolved as an artist since Bush’s first term. He clearly yearns to evoke the mixture of fun and grit that made Get Rich or Die Tryin’ such a remarkable effort, but he’s misguided in his approach. Tuneless electro-pop travesties like “Hold Me Down” certainly aren’t fun, and there’s nothing frightening about drab, listless attempts at gutter-rap like “Gangsta’s Delight.” Even tracks that tread closer to menacing territory, like “Crime Wave” and “OK, You’re Right,” thud and trudge along blandly, no agreeable melody in site. To be sure, the dusty minimalism of “Death to My Enemies” and soulful, organ-enhanced groove of “Then Days Went By” are relative highlights, but even they positively pale in comparison to “If I Can’t,” “Wanna Get to Know You,” “Ski Mask Way,” or “I’ll Whip Ya Head Boy,” rousing anthems that used to be staples on even the worst 50 Cent albums. For a guy who’s so eager to recapture the magic of his zenith, 50 seems to have very little conception of what made his older works enjoyable in the first place.


  • The Invitation
  • Then Days Went By
  • Death To My Enemies
  • So Disrespectful
  • Psycho
  • Hold Me Down
  • Crime Wave
  • Stretch
  • Strong Enough
  • Get It Hot
  • Gangsta’s Delight
  • I Got Swag
  • Baby By Me (Ft. Ne-Yo)
  • Do You Think About Me
  • Ok, You’re Right
  • Could’ve Been You
  • Flight 187 (Bonus)
  • Baby By Me (Bonus)
  • Man’s World (Bonus)

The pressure is on 50 Cent. After losing a very public sales battle with Kanye West, he has promised that Before I Self Destruct, his fourth studio album, will revolutionize hip-hop, it will be the culminating statement of the first phase of his music career, and that it is a companion piece to his first feature directing effort. 50 Cent has described Before I Self Destruct as “darker and more aggressive,” with fewer guest appearances and a concept that will set the next phase of his musical career. “Get Up,” the first single from the album, was produced by Scott Storch.

Various Artists - Johnny Cash Remixed Religious Knives The Door

F*ck ya all !!!
I am THE MOTHERF* best of ya ALL!!!

Kiss My Ass

mayne this album is gonna b hotter than tha sun !!!!!!!!
i can feel it its burning lol!!!!!


i want to bum 50 cent in his dutty bumhole

Rostane Benaurous

I'm so glad The Game isn't w/ G-U not any more, yall boyz r scrubz. The Game is true.


im glad the game isnt with g-unit anymore, the game aint nuttin but a bitch ass snitch! G-Unit for life!


50 cent is the BEST!!! stop snitching Game and get a life stop blaming others for your problems


The Game and Fiddy Cent give each other blowjobs on the pile of cash you morons gave them. It's all meaningless publicity designed to sell records, and you fell for it.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/FMH/5241619.gif FMH

ight fmh thats a bit much tbh!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/TeaBrooks/lil_romeo_1219049604.jpg TaeBrooks

dude teh games tha best wat u be talkin bout fity cent be tha snitch gggggg-unot


50's a bitch and aint gunna be taken serious untill he leaves his f***in mansion and proves hes a somebody


i have been down with fiftycent since before get rich or die trying so get off fifty's dick gunit four life so what you talking about bitches the realest nigga in the game not talking a bout that fake ass blood the game he is so lame so holla at me if you got a problem with the unit

dustin aka d town hottest nigga a round

yaa bitchez keep talkin shytt but fitty gonna prove to ya fake bitchez tha aint no rapper better than him. he da best and its gonna show weezy and the game and all em rappers what he got when dis new album hits the streets bitchez. so keep hating mother fukaz. 50 da best!

love for 50

Please, speak english, love for 50.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat

50 cents the best

/site_media/uploads/images/users/super50/images.jpg super50

all of you who hate or dont like 50 cent are stupid

/site_media/uploads/images/users/super50/images.jpg super50

what does he have to prove to u jackass , hes got more money ull ever have, he could piss on u for how nothing u are bitch
oh this message is directed to G-NAWT fagget


yeah fiddy you shot me down but im back i started my own band hell is rong with you niggas i stay gd up get outa line nd get your ass beat up.the game,lil wayne jah aint s**t its G-UNIT 4 life...WE makin money wat the hell is rong wit you dummy


50 sucks. it will sell 100k at the most first week. if that


all u mother f**kers shut the hell up


50 is de best gangester raper known. ur ma idol


I loved every CD he's done. I hope BEFORE I DELF-DESTRUCT IS HIS BEST YET> so far I heard

Jfalcon 1992

50 cent is the new tupac, u cant argue, jst in a differnet style, tupac wants love, this guy dont


gggggg-unit 4 life before i self destruct is gonna be classic


da 1st buzz we heard bout 50 in da streetz was hot , he knowz what it takes 2 sell records. Ova da yearz we come 2 figure out it's all bout himself (where's tony yayo n lloyd banks album). Just cause u been shot or sold crack don't make u a gangsta. He is not da best nor is he da new 2pac (there will neva be anutha 2pac), of course he's in da conversation but it takes a real M.C. to b da greatest of all time. 50 battled Kanye West n lost , he aint sold a million in one week like LiL Wayne. G-unit is gonna continue 2 make money , 50 got dat goin 4 him , he don't need 2 rap. This may turn out 2 b his best album , I hope so for Hip-Hop's sake. If ya don't like it FYcK YA!!!!


if u all have negative things to say then y are u wasting ur time looking at this page? ur just pissed that ur not successful in life

Dont Hate.

All hail 50 hes the greatest mc(rapper i hope hiis album B.I.S.D sell more than lil wayne carter 3....i hope its on the numba 1 spot 4 while


yeh i love u fifity litrely

the gaym

50 cent is boss cant wait for BEFORE I SELF DESTRUCT to come out gggggg-unit


F**k u all haterz,just know nuttin bout fiddy
u all just haterz,u jealouse cuz u know B I S D will b hot,
shut up n just listen to his track get up !
He is the numd all time on charts n now again
lil wayne faggot, he's not a lyrical,he's fake n gay too
N GAME He's already f**ked up,
N tupac ? Respect for Tupac ! Biggie Best and Now 50 The BEST
Now a Days Only 50 n SnOOp !
F**k all


ya'll niggas dumb seriously arguin over stuff like this


maybe this album will be his best


50 cent is garbage nigga lil wayne is THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE 50 cant touch him no way dis sells more than tha carter 3


Im deffo buyin dis hit!!!!

Cuz dey call me da pianoman !!!!!!!!!!!!

GET UP!!!!!!!!!!!


teh game and 50 cent are da bizzle FMH i dare u say that to their face u punk ass mother


ii fkin love 50cent bigggest fan my roooom is covered in hiim :)


Keep doing your thang 50, i'm sure that your new is gonna be hot. Holla at cha boy BO$$


what the hell are you guys talkin about, Vanilla ice all the way baby, hes gonna come back and change the game... hahha u guys all sound like a bunch of dumb ass idiots without a highschool education!

King Swagga

I really don't care!


Hell yeah!VANILLA ICE! Im wit u on dat,KING!!VANILLA is gonna change the world.HA HA

lil mama

50 gonna rip it up wit dis new album, he gonna be back on top, cant wait bitch! stfu all u haters dissin on the game, he true g, same as 50, g-unit is full of fakers and nobodies. get ur stuff right.

ahh yea

first of all lil Wayne got famous because of his pops rep,second Kanye West ain't a real rapper he's more of a pop artist, and I don't know u guys but I heard alot of familiar beats like kanyes hit single harder, better,faster,stronger which music he got from electronic artist daft punk,50 beats are original no copied s**t, so stop hatting on him. he's the best. and kanye basically won because he put half of his cd on the radio which allowed people to like it more ,but B.I.S.D is going to be his comeback album gggggg-unit


Album iz Gonna Be Fire ReGuardless what anybody Haz 2 Say. Haterz are Funny 2 me,Why not like NiGGaz like 50 n' Game. They had a fall out n' y'all choosin sidez,Music iz Music n' if a NiGGa can make Good Music I'll Listen 2 him. I Listen 2 NiGGaz from 50 to Game,from Joe Budden to Lil Wayne,from Cam'ron to Jim Jonez,from T.I. to Termanology feel me. Quit Hatin on a NiGGa cause He ain't payin ya Billz n' he a Star.B.I.S.D. will be Classic,like it or not.n' if you like Real Rap Music wit Lyricz Joe Buddenz "Padded Room" iz fire.

MaCC Mizzle

all this over some music wtf? and ya'll need to learn how to talk ,spell, and then type ok? wow my 2 year old nephew talks better then you fellas...


damn so many hatas and suckas on the net nowdays

don't worry bout it

what the hell is a hatas

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat

all bulls*t...fellas u r all talkin 4 it's just music! now get your ass on the dance floor and move it...


i am a big fan of 50cent i loved him all my life and i have met him and he loves me too

sam donald

the game is better than g-unit .... its good hes not in it anymore


new news 50 cent has told certain people that he is realesing 2 albums this year along with eminem. 1st one will be relesed march,31,09 like you see above the 2cd one is set to be released in late december but it will defanitly be realesed before january,1,2010.


this album's gon' be a classic and for all da haters... quit snitchin' on 50 'fore we get y'all bucked!


for those that hate G-Unit b/c of the game, g-unit made the game... since leaving g-unit, the game's numbers have dropped significantly

The documentary 586,000 units in the first week, topping all three U.S. charts.
The Doctor’s Advocate debuted at 358,988
LAX is at 238,382 copies

and although i still like the game and bought the later two, i have to say they quite a drop from The Documentary. LAX particularly had horrible production in half the songs.


50 cent is the best rapper alive!! I can't wait to buy his album


I love fitty he is the best


50 be the ish! all you f**kers better go out, buy fif's album and keep makin him rich!

xhoba ngoyi

the game aint s**t 50 is the man


It funny how it became cool to hate on a mothaf**ka because he da best. 50 a real mothaf**ka and he proves it in the tone of his voice in each track. F**k da haters man.


15 out of 10

50 cent rules!!!

ura fudge packer

Wont be as good as Eminems album, Now that IS GOOOD!

Big J

any new songs out from his album yet apart from................... i get it in, and get up peace out blad!

big buff billy

Can't wait for that Album!!! Go 50 ! GGG-UNIT !!


50 made game when he was wit aftermath he had suceess now he aint nothin

james e.

all ya'll need to just smoke a blunt and just chillin..or matter of a fact get ur asses to church cuz ya'll needs some god in ur lives...if 50's a snitch then so be it...if game's the snitch then so be it...wat ever they're doin obviously it's stop all this hate over's useless n worth less...your all pupets...wat you guys need to be watching is THE ZEITGEIST on that clip about the federal reserve bank and 911...cuz if you all knew wats was really goin on your lives would be less complicated and you wouldn't be here wasting your time...peace

Who Wants to kno

50 The King Yeah GGGGGG-Unit


50 gave the game his world. After that he ignores 50. rick ross. fat joe,ja rule .... are fake ass ni99as. they are nothing like 50. they are poor. they don't have much record sales like 50 did. they diss 50 coz 50 is the richest and most wanted rapper of all time like 2 pac.


50 is one of the world. GGGGGG-Unit


the best of the best


50 didn't do too well on his last feww however I always got his back and I cn say I see good tings on this new album. Ok,alright. Ok you're right. Plus he had dat mixtape called awar angel. 50 cent is the illest!!! cccale


This album will come out on September 8.

T. Lawrence

fiddy is de best nigga there is no snitchin mother f?@kin cock diesel mothaf@cka can beat dat bad ass nigga so f*ck the world only god can judge me


Fifty better beat the blueprint 3 but i doubt it


piss on yah all 50 haters yah aint gat nofin to loose so beef wit u is rude 50s back 4 real.screw wizzy,ricky,birdman and fatjoe


50 is the best of all times.I salute you King 50 10000000 times.


ya niggas just acting, i know ya litsen to fitty undercover, if not the y is ya punk asses doin here. cause this page aint about Game, shame!!


this album iz Gonna be Amazin...4 some reason I feel it.50 Cent never spoke hiGhly bout any of his last albumz the way he does this 1.The Production iz on point,althouGh if a Hip Hop feel he wanted he could've used DJ Premiere n' other Producerz on some Trakkz.ReGuardless album will be best album of the year,his last 2 mixtapes (War Angel LP,Still KinG) prove he still can make music look easy.I wish 50 n' Game could make a Trakk 2Getha 4 an album.Y'all can't tell me 2Getha they was'nt Fire.Hate it or Love it waz a Hit,WestSide Story waz Fire,This is How We Do waz a Hit.Fukk all Y'all sayin Fukk Game,Fukk all y'all sayin G-Unot.No Matter both Campz make Good Music n' at the end of the day that'z all that matterz


who the hell is lil' wayne


why yall arguin over sumfin yall not involved in. 50 cent is a great rapper but so is game 50 cent has more stuff to do than just rap nbout bein gansta he got a clothin line music to produce feature work films to be made. the game he of the best because he raps for his fans since november las year he bin manchester apollo 2 times n toured england liverpool was the best show i went to. he never wants disd fidy so stop actin like there beef its over. the best announce that could be made before a concert is G-UNIT N BWS IN THE MOTHER FUKIN BULLDIN aint nobody beat that !!!

mr. never the same thing

for all you guys that are bagging 50 out then why the f u c kkk do you come on his web page? you must be that low in life and seriously the biggst loners out if you have to come on ur enemeys web page and bag them out.. get a effing life dumb arses


1. 50 cent dont care about Ya'll! If he really was devoted to the game more than the money he wouldn't be falling off like he has! And would still be a topic today. 2. Either that tracklist is Baloney! or BISD is just gonna be another Curtis.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/CIGAA/Kid Cudi.bmp CIGAA

50 is the world's blandest rapper. maybe second blandest, after DMX. Shady is the dopest rapper, followed by Dre & Obie.


50 is the best in the game!!!!!!!!!!!

samuel lopez

i thort the uva albums wer shhhithot bt cnt wait 4 the new 1 50 is the best all i listern to spect 50 out ggggG-unit

jay wade

LMFAO @ any1 who thinks 50 is the greatest of all time. It only takes listening to 2 tracks of ANY of his albums to realize that's falsehood. LOL

Does he have a couple good songs here & there? Yes
Does he make tha kinda money I want? Yes
Is he gangsta? No (Gangsta's ain't afraid to shoot back)
Is he the best rapper? HELL NO!!!

As far as the Kanye thing: I consider Kanye one of the elite rappers. He personifies what rap used to be before all the ppl wanted to be "gangsta". And sum1 above mentioned him being more of a pop-artist... Then that's even worse!!! That means 50 got DESTROYED in his on genre by sum1 that's not even in it!!! He shol' can't be the best with that happening. We've all made points, but mine is valid. Thank you and goodnight. ;)


fiddy is a ledge, hes been shot 9 times and is still going, hes had tea round my house and im drinking his mineral water right now mother f**kers, Defence man thats where its at, me and him have a cheecky album coming out at the end of december brapppp!

smit dog

Jayz cD is hotter thAN 50CENT

jordan penix

Come on yhall,
If you like gangsta muzic who else hands down can do it like 50. I cant seem to understand what this Hip-Hop ERA has become but,
Aint no one out there putting real work like 50 man. This is no crack muzic it's gangsta muzic.


u r da best among da best in the whole artist world..........kep it up man !!!

rock da world.


they both good rappers. both are hood but cant no one hate on 50 cuz u a Game fan. no one should hate Game cuz u a 50 fan. if anything u all are fake and hatin on 50 is hater sh*t. FuCc All Haterz....


very gooooooood


f*** you all the haters 50cent is the best rapper alive.stop snitching the game you wack.ihate lil wayne.jay-z.the game.fat joe.

lwandisi nofemele

wut yall talkin about 50 Cent is the best out and has been since is firts ablum lil wayne is ass so only 50 and jay r hot

The Start12

kanye sing more than he rap so dont compare him and 50 bitch ass nigga.

king luv

Hey o, i lov 50cent, iluv G.unit, but when u talk about good musik, the GAME do good musik too, both 50 N GAME re good.




where is OK YOU'RE RIGHT and BABY BY ME on this?


That was the rumored track list. It's not correct. Here are the four singles so far: "Get Up, " "I Get It In," "Ok, You're Right," and "Baby by Me." We'll update the track list once the official one is released.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

50cent then already said if you hate late'em hate while you watch the money pile what you bustas think he doin....letin yal hate and the money stay pilen up




For all you fagits that say 50 Cent is a snitch and shiyyit is bs.. and what does he have to prove? How about the bullets he took? The whole point of every black mans hustle is to get out the game, the only people that are hustlin and rappin are the ones that dont sell any albums, so haters need to check yourself and stop hatin.. daymmn


Alright... Im just waiting 50... The Best Rapper in Life(F**k Wayne)... 50 (Curtis), The Smartest in the game...


thers nothin bigger ta cum from 09 than 50 CENT B.I.S.D. when it gets relesed, hurd a cupple traks nd its gona be a gudin, shout out ta dre above, he talks a true story


yall hatin but he stylll makin money and yu aint LMFAO

tony- this shyt is funny

Firstly, 50cent is better that The Game, though Game is still a good artist. Second, the showdown between 50cent and Kanye West was a publicity stunt and was rigged for 50 to lose. In a true underground rap-off, kanye would have no chance against a lyrical master like 50cent. Lastly, can you people learn to speak proper english and type proper english. Use the education you were given and you may just end up as seccessfull as 50, though maybe not as an artist. Peace and love.


this albums suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Alright I'ma start off by giving the album 7.5
I have to admit there were some tracks on there I will put in my Ipod but to compare it to Curtis, It loses because of the lack of Hits! If I heard all the songs on the album (rumoured to be more)trust me on this that Baby By Me will be the only thing that he'll push to radio!
That Is All.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/CIGAA/Kid Cudi.bmp CIGAA

50 Cent is one of the greatest. Get rich was his best by far. I hope before i self destruct is as good, but maybe the fame+money has changed him too much, who wouldnt it change. Cant wait for its release tho, its long overdue. Jay Z and Lil Wayne the only two other greats.

Dan Wales

GGGGGG-UNIT 4 REAL, F**k GAME, Bitch Niggas...!!!


Does fewer guest appearances mean still having them on almost 1/3 of the songs on the album?


It's amazing how reviewers are always complaining that 50 hasn't grown musically since Get Rich yet every review you read about a 50 album compares the material to GRODT. The review content does not grow in my opinion because all the reviews are either biased or just want to give props where props are due. I want every person who's posted to come back here when 50 releases his 5th album and check the review which will go something like this... "Fifty is back again with his nonessential bravado he claims to have had back in 03, with tracks like [track name here] which just cannot match up to (Many Men, What Up Gangster, Backdown,etc...) and dreadful soulless female aimed tracks that just cannot capture what (Candy Shop, 21 Questions etc) could back in 05" come on man. Give us actual reviews not opinions on which album is better. No artist has been able to capture the great BANG that GRODT had back in 03, even 50 himself. Move on and stop dick ridin the album, its great and let it be amongst the greats and lets move on please, GODDAMN. DONE!



/site_media/uploads/images/users/acb/01bigblacktomb.jpg acb

I've never seen a review that is so out of touch with hip hop or 50 Cent. It sounds more like they are trying to be more witty with their wordplay than actually listening and thinking about the music. I've heard nothing but greatness from the album and I think that most hip hop fans would agree.


ShowChi: I'd take your critique of my review a little more seriously if it wasn't littered with fragments. Nice try, though!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif Staff Writer

Was that cut off part up there intentional? Cause if it
was. Hilaritysauces

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Oh...ShowChi's critique was not actually littered with fragments. My mistake!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif Staff Writer

You saying "Hold Me Down" is "electropop" tells me all I need to know about your credibility. Hold me down is not pop and definitely isn't "electro". Its a song about a gun using girl associations as a metaphor for the gun.


total garbage pure crap


dam you a bad mother f--ker

Shaun Daniels

The problem with this bitch (50cent) and anyone who supports shyt that he does is 'crab mentality'

Fukk him, and don't buy/ support this simpleton.

50 is a hateful spiteful talentless wanksta

Man, honestly i ain't satisfied,am disappointed. The album aint good.
the mixtape Forever king was even better.
I luv 50 but i gotta put the truth where it is.
50 was 2 BZ workin on the movie that he couldn't take his time 2 record a great album.
I don't even feel Em and Dre's production on it.
what the f*ck happened?
I guess 50 will never drop an album like get rich or die tryin anymore.
hey yo 50, I want my money and my time back.
I spent my time listennin 2 this sh*t, I could've done somethin more important.


drake sh*ts all over fitty


Drake is a f*ckin nerd who stole kanye flow. Get the f*ck outta here. This review is so lame I can't even put it into words. You can't judge somebodys success from 10 years ago when they first came out because the industry has changed. Nobody buys CDs anymore when you got the hustle man standing on the corner selling all the new sh*t for 2 for 10. Also the game has got so gay with all the auto tunes sh*t(lil wayne) that alot of you lame ass niggas think that sh*t is really poppin. Yeah Wayne sold a milly stealing t-pain sh*t like it was his. It was about time 50 went back to his roots with some real gutter lyrics cuz I am personally tired of all that wack ass down south dance rap song bullsh*t. All these fags ass dudes wearing these tight ass jeans with these loud ass colors and them fake ass scarfs around they necks. BFISD has way more bangers then that commercial rap bullsh*t Gay Z put out and Wayne kanye Drake... All them f*ckin wack nobbing each other for a hit single. You notice they all have so many features on they album no matter how much they sell they have to spilt the check with so many artist that they ends be lookin suspect but you wouldn't know that because the records is getting so much air play and they constantly on tv stuntin. Drake got so many rappers on his sh*t they all going to be splitting his royalties and he will be gone in a few years broke stankin and starving wishing he didn't let all those rappers eat and leach off his stardom when he first got on. The point is if you a rapper and you can't hold your on, on your own f*cking album like 50 did without splitting the check with 10 other rappers eating off your sh*t you need to quit rapping. I don't know who the f*ck this reviewer is but your nerd ass need to stick to pop rap and leave your corny ass views of gangsta rap in your little ass pea brain head to yourself.


I am amazed that so many illiterate and ignorant people actually OWN computers!

Ashamed to be on this site

50 is king


Hey, M.T. Richards, this is 4 u. You are obviously so f*kin clueless about 50 that its not even funny. Let me tell u sumthin, u don't get him because u haven't been thru what he's been thru. U haven't been shot 9 times, ur mom wasn't murdered when u were 8, u didn't grow up in Queens, u've never shot guns in public or sold drugs in your motherf*ckin life. See when all dat sh1t happens 2 u, its hard 4 u to change. Da streets made 50 a beast and its not suprising he still ain't tame. Da guy doesn't "expand musically like Gucci mane + Kanye West" cuz he's better when he has more enemies and his back is against da wall. He's so used to it by now, he wouldn't know what to do if he didn't have any1 to go against. It's funny dat u would diss tracks like flight 187 + do you think about me cuz eminem (who u praised in this review and talked about more than 50) makes songs about baby mama drama too and everyone eats it up. Also, when u say "death to my enemies" + "days went by" are worse than ski mask way???? U obviously just pullin sh1t outta your ass u dumb mother******. Imma put it 2 u like this, while u get 2 write reviews + think ur important and ppl will actually agree wit what u say, 50s travelin round da world + sellin out shows. He's an inspiration 4 thugs +less fortunenate kids like me, he proved dat no matter how bad things get and how f*cked up life gets, u can always pull thru and be successful if u stay focused. Get ur facts str8 + c both sides of da story b4 u review anything publicly bitch.


Inspiration for thugs? This is 50 Cent, not Young Jeezy. Also, I didn't diss "Flight 187" or heap praise on Eminem, and I don't like Gucci Mane any more than you do. But people like Gucci and Kanye did a lot this year to expand their audiences, whereas 50 is content to be a cynical recluse.

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50 i'm a real fan but this album stinks. Waited a long time for this, but no its certainly not dope. Tracks like Baby By Me WTF 50!? How lame sounds that.

OK drop your greatest hits album, take some rest for a few years or go in rehab like Em and then drop a sick album but not corny albums like BISD.



50 cent iz dee fukn best!!!!!


50 came up so fast as lightening. He is the realest rapper out there. the wisest and the most focused. it is not all about hw many copies u sold. its all about what u have achieved so far.
fat joe & rick ross are two little babies.


f**k ya sukers keep hating on the king




50 is done. He'll be remembered as one of the best in the game, but "Baby By Me" was the last straw. C'mon that white chick Susan Boyle sold 700,000 in one week...ONE.






50 Cent WAS the best rapper around in-between 2002-2007,i think the last good song he put out that others liked(APART FROM HIS DIE HARD FANS LIKE ME) was "I Get Money".Come on yall lets face it,only 50 cent fans listen to 50 cent now but everyone loved get rich or die tryin thats the difference now,only his fans like his music and no1 else:1: cos he beefs with every other rapper and 2:He kept the album in suspense for much too long...2 years is an awfully long time to wait,so when the album leaked,i didnt think even his loyalest of fans would wait an extra month for its release

D Massacre



diz album is hot..who eva said fif waz gone u lie lie woman lie but 50 don't


pues me gusto la rola de ---ok you´re right esta muy buena


yeaahh 50 cent I luvvv your new album && I'm waiting for you in Macedoinaaa


50 for prezzz ya feel me?


leave 50 alone, poor boy just discovered at 34 years that he can read books

A man

i only listen 50 cent from rap music.u2 number 1,50 cent number 2.50 the best rapper in the world


yeah 50 for prezzz



Ya own

50 cent and the best he and a son of a bitch


What Da F**k Is Ya Talkin' bout 50 Cent's Gat It So Don't Be hatin'On Him If Ya Aint Gat it Bit ASS Nigga


Fifty ur da best




50 album was genius:D


G Unit is so fuking hot
i love them
go 50 cent. u the man

Shakti Patel

50 flopped, this album was a flop! He didn't even sell records like this. 50 always talked about first week sales and his first week sales were a FLOP even though they tried to make them bigger by including a full week of iTunes sales in there and it still flopped! Yall 50 stans are in denial, 50 is done. 50 has become Ja rule.


Vanilla Ice new album WTF - BOMB!!!


when it comes down to it hes just a dumb *****


Woooooooooooooooooot its great


you know 50 was hot when he first came out, but to be the best rapper alive you need the distictive swagg to go with the whole package. lil wayne got that. 50 needs to takeit back to the streets


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