LCD Soundsystem



    The second of Nike’s three exercise albums finds James Murphy’s LCD Soundsystem occupying a great deal of space shared by the band’s DFA cousins. Shadows of the Rapture’s more obtuse Echoes cuts, sequences from the DFA’s more recent remix work for acts such as Gorillaz and Nine Inch Nails, and heavy ties to distant DFA relative Tim Sweeney’s brilliant mix CD all pervade this accurately titled continuous mix of electro-plush.



    The mix, an iTunes exclusive, pulses in and out of steady tempos, averaging out like a moderate-tempo Daft Punk-esque motor. Not only is it a left turn from the more accessible material from the band’s self-titled debut, it’s also a tidy teaser for the upcoming Sound of Silver, due at the end of this month.


    The pace of the album (or, more accurately, the “file”) is intriguing, and even though it doesn’t top the band’s best work, any iPod owner should be proud to have 45:33 in the library. Put it next to your Daft Punk, Zongamin and Soulwax MP3s and you’ll be running that treadmill at twenty miles an hour in no time.