The Unicorns

    2014 b/w Emasculate the Masculine


    In what now occurs to me as something of a rite of passage, the hot-shit band of the moment the Unicorns have followed in the footsteps of past darlings of the rock world including Modest Mouse and Elliott Smith to release a seven-inch on Northwestern indie label Suicide Squeeze. 2014 is a step away from the deconstructed pop glory of the band’s 2003 dbeut, Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?. A misstep? It’s not that they jumped into a standard pop-music format, but they are experimenting further with their synths to create a more electronic sound. It’s a fun enough tune, of course, like just about every song the band has released to date, but not really fun enough to merit a separate seven-inch; I’d imagine this an album castoff. Or perhaps a means at keeping people guessing. The B-side, “Emasculate the Masculine,” is a lot closer to the twisted pop on the full length, but it would stick out on the record. This is the Unicorns, so it’s still high quality — just, unfortunately, not amazing.