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  • Its Own Sun
  • Death Major
  • Armored Scarves
  • Janu Are
  • Old Age
  • Et Tu
  • Death Minor
  • Sure as Debt
  • Beat on Us
  • Unyoung

13 And God is a collaborative project from glitchy German indie-electro band the Notwist and California rap collectives Themselves and Subtle. If this sounds like a bit of a chance collaboration to you, you'd be right: The project was initially conceived in 2004 during a Notwist/Themselves joint tour when the two groups were stranded together on broken-down tour bus. Own Your Ghost is 13 And God's second studio full-length, and their first in six years. It was preceded by group's self-titled, 2005 debut, which was a genre-hopping, darkly atmospheric affair. Own Your Ghost was recorded in both Oakland and Notwist's studio in Weilheim, Germany. 

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