Woods, Parquet Courts @ TT The Bears, Cambridge (Pics)

    Woods and Parquet Courts at TT The Bears, Cambridge MA on Saturday, July 13, 2013.

    A somewhat strange but ultimately gelling bill, with Woods taking the headliner slot in front of the sold-out room. From the last time I saw them, it looks like they lost a member (the guy who played tapes and sang into headphones turned sideways on his head), but their particular mix of low profile folk-psych is still a welcome sound. Leader Jeremy Earl’s high-tinged vocals bleed all over and across his acoustic guitar chords, with Kevin Morby’s plucked bass driving the rhythm and Jarvis Taveniere’s 12 string Vox guitar splattering psych bombs all over the place.  The mild-mannered set bared fangs just once, and the ragged ghosts of Crazy Horse were summoned for a thorough flogging of “Bend Beyond.” Nice to see that sort of hairy eyeball action get shuffled into the set.

    Parquet Courts had opening duties, and it’s refreshing as hell to see a young band tear it up real proper style, with guitars and shit. No laptops, or ironic haircuts, or lame-ass clap-alongs. Just pure adrenaline, done up right…no quirks, no pretenses, just mainline electricity. They are (rightly so) riding a bit of a press wave, and I expect to see their 2012 effort Light Up Gold built upon and exceeded. Fun to get a sweat shower from up close.



    Parquet Courts