Weekend @ Mississippi Studios, Portland (Pics, Videos)

    Photo and Video Gallery of Weekend at Mississippi Studios in Portland, OR (March 25, 2014)

    Three seasons has passed since Weekend released their second LP, Jinx. The post punk trio are counting down their peripatetic days, after being on the road much of the last eight months. And the end-of-the-road effect was obvious on the Brooklyn-based band. Yet this weariness did not translate into a watered-down Weekend performance at Mississippi Studios on a Tuesday night in Portland. On the contrary, they played with no setlist and with a fervor that would make this spectator’s eardrums echo hours after the stage lights had dimmed.

    In a rather epigrammatic style, Weekend favored the set from their debut LP, Sports, rather than Jinx. Perhaps after all those months of touring, the Bay Area natives has come to realize a new-wavy number like “Celebration, FL” is not as enthralling as the pedal-effects-obliterating track like “End Times”. While the ambience at Mississippi Studios was dark with singer/bassist Shaun Durkan shunning the lights, a string unravelling from his bass guitar during the midst of “Mirror” induced him to smile. It took the penultimate song to break the thin ice that seemed to curtain between the stage and the floor; but a “setback” like the broken string is what makes indie shows.