Voodoo Music + Arts Experience 2016 (Pics, Summary)

    Photo Gallery of Voodoo Music + Arts Experience @ New Orleans, LA (October 27-29, 2016) 

    Music festivals have become an integral part of the industry and entertainment for the masses; some more enjoyable than others, whether due to organizational issues or Mother Nature. In the case of Voodoo Music + Arts Experience 2016, not only the weather was on their side, but they deserve a credit for having one of the best-organized events I have ever attended. It already had an advantage with its location – in the picturesque City Park in New Orleans. Add the Halloween factor with southern hospitality, you would have to be a scrooge to find something to complain about Voodoo Fest. They even had a staff cleaning up after the portable toilets, and you could find free parking within walking distance!

    With an idyllic setting, impressive art installations, and its own version of a haunted house, they could have scheduled any bands and still feel like it was worth your time and money. But of course many came to see Arcade Fire, Weekend, Tool, The Foals, and Cage the Elephant and more. Some acts got into the Halloween spirit – like Band of Horses who became a Band of Hounds when they entered the stage wearing dog masks, Shakey Graves and band were dressed in Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes, while Matt Shultz of Cage the Elephant sported vampire fangs. While I could go one, as the idiom goes “ a picture is worth a thousand words”, check out the photo gallery for what you could experience next year.