Snowden, Soft Shadows, SuckerForLights, The We Shared Milk @ Hawthorne Theater, Portland (Pics/Videos)

    Snowden, Soft Shadows, SuckerForLights, The We Shared Milk at Hawthorne Theater in Portland, OR ( June 14, 2013)

    In the trendy SE Portland neighborhood, Friday night party started early at the Hawthorne Theater. The headliner, Austin’s Snowden, made it to the venue about an hour before the door, fighting the long twelve hour drive from San Francisco. But before the dream pop rock trio would closed out the night, three Portland bands who have been creating some buzz here and there took the stage. Soft Shadows and SuckerForLights dwell in the similar territory with their shoegaze-y glo-fi pop while The We Shared Milk provided a bit more rock to the hazy guitar synth-laced music theme of the night. Making the event a very Portland affair, Voodoo Doughnut generously donated treats for all four bands, while men with unicorn and squirrel masks danced and cheered the night away.

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    Soft Shadows


    The We Shared Milk