Pelican, Kings Destroy, Phantom Glue @ Great Scott, Boston (Pics)

    Pelican, Kings Destroy, Phantom Glue @ Great Scott, Boston on Saturday, October 19, 2013.


    Pelican inhabit a shadowy world where some metal fans don’t give them the time of day (maybe their lack of a ‘core look has something to do with it), and an equal population of indie rock fans may be turned off a bit from the fierceness of their attack. It doesn’t make much sense to me, as they easily stand shoulder to shoulder with Year Of No Light, Explosions In The Sky, Caspian and occasionally hit the great heights that Mogwai have carved from the same vocal-less slab of granite and obsidian. Touring on their most recent record Forever Becoming, they sold out the room and proceeded to fill it past capacity with a monstrous sound. Consistency has been their hallmark, and songs like “Immutable Dusk” and “The Cliff” more than keep the standard high. 

    Kings Destroy hit the bottom reaches of riff canyon, their two guitars snaking around each other while Aaron Bumpus’ five string bass seemed to somehow be tuned a full octave lower. Singer Steve Murphy had some Anselmo-esque moments, crouching down, reaching skyward, and even wading deep into the crowd for the final song, several meters of mic cord trailing behind him. Locals Phantom Glue hammered away hard and fast, their precise lines mirrored by bass and guitar. Plenty of oomph, just not quite enough to separate them from the rest of the pack.