Optimus Primavera Sound Day 3 – Dinosaur Jr., Daughn Gibson, Explosions In The Sky, Savages, Liars, My Bloody Valentine (Pics)

    Photo Gallery of Optimus Primavera Sound Day 3 in Porto, Portugal (June 01, 2013)

    Palco Super Bock:



    Palco Optimus:

    Dinosaur Jr.

    Explosions In The Sky

    My Bloody Valentine


    Palco Pitchfork:

    Daughn Gbson



    On the third and the final day of Optimus Primavera Sound, the crowd thinned out a bit from the previous night, where Blur and Grizzly Bear drew in the largest crowd, yet the festival programming lasted till 6 AM. Tonight’s buzz belonged to the reformed shoegaze pioneers, My Bloody Valentine. Thinking I was able to catch their whole set here in Porto, I had left early from exhaustion in Barcelona. Unfortunately, I endured about five songs before I couldn’t fight off the effects of the cold virus that had seized me the day before. My intention was to catch Fucked Up after MBV knowing one can always count on the punk band to deliver an thrilling experience. Also would have liked to catch Savages’ whole set, but Liars were due on another stage soon afterwards. They put on one of the best performances in Barcelona that left me wanting more. And in Porto, they drew in a crowd that stretched over the park’s hill with many thrashing about joyfully.

    As one might have expected, the considerably smaller Porto edition was much more manageable and better organized. For press members, they even provided free beer, courtesy of Super Bock, espresso, bottled water, and snacks. Whereas, in Barcelona edition, not even water was provided. At the end of the night, OPS had organized a night bus that ran frequently and delivered you to your stop much faster. Oh, and it’s much cheaper here. Plus, Portuguese people are known to be very helpful and honest.