Motorhead, Clutch @ House of Blues, Boston (Pics)

    Motörhead and Clutch at House of Blues in Boston, Tuesday March 1, 2011


    There are few givens in this world, but one is that Lemmy Kilmister will throw his intricately carved Rickenbacker bass over his shoulder, dress head to toe in black, and with a voice reminiscent of someone who gargled flaming thumbtacks chased with kerosene, kick off their set by stating “Hello, we’re Motörhead, and we play rock ‘n’ roll.”


    The next ninety or so minutes will be filled with outrageously loud (and good) rock, bridging the worlds between early punk, metal, and biker scuzz rock. It will be a glorious evening, and everyone will go home with grins and pounded ear drums.


    And so Lemmy has decreed it to be, in all perpetuity.