Jenny Hval @ Holocene, Portland (11/14/2016)

    Photo Gallery of Jenny Hval at Holocene in Portland, OR (November 14, 2016)

    Norwegian avant-garde artist, Jenny Hval, made a tour stop in Portland, OR, in support of her latest LP, Blood Bitch. Daylight had been consumed by darkness for good three hours before the experimental musician entered the stage, accompanied only by one band mate. Bordering on performance art, Hval maximized the small stage for a theatrical effect – whether drawing on the floor, slithering around the cot, or plucking red carnations. The prismatic pattern of  Holocene’s backdrop stylistically recalled ThCabinet of Dr. Caligari, a film with an abnormal character who sleeps in a coffin – like a vampire, which the songwriter claims what Blood Bitch is about, as well as menstruation. Hval’s show may not appeal to those who don’t know her work or care much for unconventional production. But for her fans, it’s a treat to witness the artistry of this singular woman in an intimate setting. 

    Hval continues her tour east of the Atlantic on November 28, 2016