Jacco Gardner @ Mississippi Studios, Portland (Pics/Review/Videos)

    Jacco Gardner at Mississippi Studios in Portland, OR (Oct 07, 2013)


    Soaked in amber-red hue, Jacco Gardner spoke to the crowd enveloped in the darkness: “We just came from San Francisco, felt more like summer there. But here, the autumn is really here…”. Then the ash-blonde multi-instrumentalist launched into his latest single abut the colorful yet pensive season, “The End Of August”.

    Portland had enjoyed the last of the summer-like weather over the weekend, and only changed in time for Gardner and his band’s arrival on Monday. Thus, on his first-ever visit to the Pacific Northwest, the City of Roses welcomed the Dutch with a quintessential third season – an ideal environment for Gardner’s lyrical and vivid baroque pop.

    In the quaint-chic Mississippi Studios on a colorful historic neighborhood of North Portland, Gardner and his co. conjured an enchanted world within. While his music can’t escape the 60’s psychedelia label, combined with projections of experimental and silent films from years gone by, and the performers’ modern attire, the live experience was of a timeless entity. Gardner stooped over his keys most of the time, and his face was hidden by thick locks, looking like a shy school boy. But underneath, is a consummate artist who’s strive for perfection that has been of a learning curve on stage, trying to fill in all the rich textures and tones he forged in the studio album, Cabinet of Curiosities. Whether in Gardner’s mind, he has succeeded or not, the audience reveled in the rare treat where we felt like children with wonderment, loosening the hold of the adult world that often suffocates the imagination. Still, it is Portland, and the crowd kept their distance from the stage, forgetting that one is allowed to dance freely. So the majority gazed at the performance few feet away, as if it was a work of art, until the spell broke with the final note of “Chameleon”. Gardner’s alluring sound waves even attracted the attention of a mysterious tabby cat who looked quite at home in the arms of its conjurer.

    Gardner is currently in the midst of his first-ever nationwide North American tour, go to his website for current tour dates.



    1. Cabinet of Curiosities
    2. A House On The Moon
    3. The One Eyed King
    4. Summer’s Game
    5. Puppets Dangling
    6. Clear The Air
    7. The End Of August
    8. The Ballad Of Little Jane
    9. WhereWill You Go
    10. Lullaby
    11. Chameleon