Indians, Night Beds @ Doug Fir Lounge, Portland (Pics) (Review)

    Photo Gallery of Indians, Night Beds at Doug Fir Lounge in Portland (February, 24, 2013)

    Indians, the genre-melding project of Søren Løkke Juul, made his third stop in Portland on a brief North American tour that will conclude at SXSW in March. Co-headlining with Night Beds from Nashville, Indians graced the stage full of keyboards first. Traveling with Juul were two female musicians. One of the brunettes looked awfully familiar. Connecting the dots in my brain – the petite multi-instrumentalist, the once Portland native, turned out to be Heather Broderick, who had played on and off stage with another Danish act: Efterklang. With his debut LP, Somewhere Else on 4AD barely a month out, one would either expect an excitement or trepidation from Indians. Juul probably felt neither, as he seemed preoccupied with turning the knobs, stroking the keys, plucking the strings, and singing songs that implored for our silence. Those of us who transfixed our attention to the soft-spoken Dane were mesmerized by the beautiful aural textures that gently parted our lips into little smiles as the final note of “Somewhere Else” reverberated through Doug Fir Lounge. Unfortunately, few spectators near the stage couldn’t wait in between songs or retreat to the back of the venue for their verbal urges. Aside from that, the ambient folktronica of the Copenhagen musician provided the perfect “sound-escape” from the couch on a Sunday evening.

    With the support of Voodoo Doughnuts, we brought a dozen and asked Indians and Night Beds to partake in a photo series. What could be more Portland than that – indie musicians with doughnuts known for their crazy toppings at the hippest concert venue in town.