Green Day, Best Coast @ Barclays Center, NYC (Pics)

    Photo gallery of Green Day, Best Coast performing at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York (April 7, 2013)

    Making a massive comeback is far from easy but when you have both a reputation for amazing live shows and a explicably loyal fan base the idea of a comeback becomes a piece of cake. After having to re-schedule a slew of tour dates veteran rockers Green Day are now back hotter than ever to tour for their trio of new albums, Uno, Does, and Tres. Last night the band headlined Brooklyns new Barclays Center with a spectacular light show, loud amps, and a set list filled with fan favorites.

    Seeing Green Day play the way they did made it feel as though there was never a need for a come back. Honestly, when did this band ever enter the realm of obscurity? They put on a show so loud, so fast, and so much fun that you’d be doing yourself a big disservice by not checking them out live. Front man Billie Joe Armstrong goes out of his way to make sure that people are enjoying themselves. At Barclays he provided comedic banter throughout the night and also pulled fans from the crowd to the stage, the most notable fans being a young boy who sang along to Know Your Enemy with him and a girl he allowed to play his guitar during one of the tracks (she got to keep it afterwards!). Green Day rocked the Barclays Center and showed that a healthy dosage of kick ass is all you need to provide a massive rock show.