Fuzz, CCR Headcleaner, CreaturoS @ Great Scott, Boston (Pics)

    Photo gallery of Fuzz, CCR Headcleaner and CreaturoS from Great Scott in Boston MA on Monday, October 14 2013.


    Ty Segall only knows one setting, and that’s fast and loud. Most of the populace are familiar with him unleashing this aesthetic with a guitar slung around his neck, but his new (and perfectly named) project Fuzz delivers just as much punch with him behind the drums, furiously trying to catch his breath to deliver the vocals while his limbs windmill around him. Brashly loud garage rock bands are a dime a dozen, but what continues to differentiate Segall’s output from the pack is his uncanny gift for fusing great melodies into the maelstrom. He’s got more hooks than Dean Ween’s chartered boats.

    Able support was offered by the gritty noise psych of CCR Headcleaner (without a Fogerty in sight) and the archly spry racket of CreaturoS, coming off like a doppelgänger East Coast version of Thee Oh Sees.


    Fuzz: http://troubleinmindrecs.com/bands/fuzz.html

    CCR Headcleaner: http://ccrheadclnr.tumblr.com/

    CreaturoS: http://creaturos.bandcamp.com/