CMJ 2011 – Photo Gallery Featuring Dum Dum Girls, J Mascis, Peelander Z, More

    October 18

    Zambri at Cameo

    Peasant at Spike Hill

    Balkans at Pianos

    The Grates at Cake Shop

    Mitten at The Delancey


    October 19

    DOM at Thompson Hotel

    Miracles of Modern Science at Pianos

    Little Racer at Pianos

    Mango Floss at Pianos

    Milkman’s Union at Pianos

    Religious to Damn at Europa

    Chelsea Wolfe at Europa


    October 20

    Teletextile at Cake Shop

    Little Red at Pianos

    Prussia at Cake Shop

    Doldrums at Pianos

    Guards at Pianos

    Hoop Dreams at Pianos

    Warm Ghost at Pianos

    White Fence at Cake Shop

    Porcelain Raft at Pianos

    X-Ray Eyeballs at Mercury Lounge

    Gem Club at Mercury Lounge

    Jacuzzi Boys at Mercury Lounge

    Memoryhouse at Mercury Lounge

    Still Corners at Mercury Lounge

    J Mascis at Mercury Lounge

    Dum Dum Girls at Mercury Lounge


    October 21

    Races at Spike Hill

    A Place To Bury Strangers at Public Assembly

    Forest Fires at Cameo

    Arms at Spike Hill

    Gauntlet Hair at Public Assembly

    Pujol at Spike Hill

    We Are Augustines atSpike Hill


    October 22

    Cookies at Kidrockers, The Living Room

    Datarock at Kidrockers, The Living Room

    Memoryhouse at The Knitting Factory

    1,2,3 at The Knitting Factory

    DOM at The Knitting Factory

    Math The Ban at Bowery Poetry Club

    Big Ups at Bowery Poetry Club

    Gary Lucas & Gods & Monsters at Bowery Poetry Club

    Moonlight Towers at Bowery Poetry Club

    Clutters at Bowery Poetry Club

    Peelander-Z at Bowery Poetry Club