Chelsea Light Moving, Rob Thomas, Marco Fusinato, Prana-Bindu @ The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA (Pics/Review)


    Photo gallery of Chelsea Light Moving, Rob Thomas, Marco Fusinato and Prana-Bindu at The Sinclair in Cambridge MA on Sunday, April 7, 2013.


    Even when Sonic Youth was a fully-functioning unit, Thurston Moore’s extra-curricular activities were relentless, so it’s not surprising that he cobbled together three frequent collaborators (who were also the backing band for his Demolished Thoughts tour of last year) and immediately recorded a record and strung together a bunch of dates to play it on stage. Hell, it’s what he’s used to and what he does best. Tonight would be the tour closer in Boston, near his adopted hometown of Northampton, and the vibe was loose. Cracking jokes, calling out friends, making inside references to local record shops (“Cheapo will have the Chelsea Light Moving/Black Sabbath split for Record Store Day, but Weirdo will have the test pressings”), Moore was thoroughly at home and led his band through ramshod reading of their debut LP. Moore’s playing is fearless and ectastic; he didn’t take any manual or power tools to the strings tonight, but his lanky frame was in motion all night long, flailing and abusing the strings in all the best ways possible. Welcome back, Thurston; it’s like you never left.

    Opening duties would fall to Rob Thomas (a member of Sunburned Hand of the Man, along w/ John Moloney who drummed for Chelsea Light Moving) who veered outside his normal sphere and told funny stories about working in a record store; the projected montage of Youtube clips at the backend worked in bits but ultimately sputtered to a close.

    Marco Fusinato whipped a gale-like frenzy through his heavily-modified Travis Bean guitar sound chain, and once a handful of effects pedals fell off the table and disconnected, he seemed to take the hint that it was a good time to close it out.

    Prana-Bindu was one degree of separation from Thurston, as it included his older brother Gene on guitar. Joining him was another drummer (and part-time sax player) and another guitarist who threw chaotic improvisational notes throughout their set. Clearly Thurston’s Derek Bailey and Borbetomagus records were not ignored by the elder sibling.


    Chelsea Light Moving

    Rob Thomas

    Marco Fusinato