Day of Impending Zune

    True story: last week while at EBGames, I overheard a young’un pre-order a brown Zune. Perhaps Microsoft has tapped into some sort of color zeitgeist heretofore unknown in the world of digital audio players. Perhaps with today’s release of the Microsoft Zune player, we’ll see hordes of white iPod wielders square off against owners of brown Zunes, Outkast’s Idlewild playing in their headphones as they unwittingly re-enact scenes from West Side Story.
    They’ll have to install the software first, which according to Engadget is no easy feat. They did seem to be using a review unit, but at least they screen capture Microsoft’s take on hipsters and hip-hop maniacs. Zune owners won’t be able to song share certain artists like the Rolling Stones, even with the player’s limited three plays over three days approach. At least the player will be able to share videos in the future, according to this Bloomberg report.
    Bill Gates gave away a brown Zune at a Secret Machines show in Seattle. Clearly a sign of the apocalypse. If you managed to snag a Zune, of any color, we’d love to hear about it.