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Zune HD: It's Like an iPod Touch With a Radio!

Microsoft has ended speculation about the Zune's demise by unveiling the Zune HD, a player it hopes will compete with the iPod touch. The new Zune will feature a touch screen, accelerometer, Wi-Fi, web browsing, optional (with a dock attachment) HD video, and one stellar feature unheard of on an iPod. And that feature, which will make millions of iPod users chuck their palyers in the ocean, is... (drum roll, please), an HD radio. While being able to listen to the radio is nice, this feature probaly isn't going to mitigate the huge amount of lead time that Apple already has in the market. If Microsoft wants to make a dent, it needs to have its products out at nearly the same time as Apple. If given the choice between and iPod Touch and a Zune HD with a radio, it's a horse race. If the Zune HD isn't released until after I've already had my iPod for six months, however, one horse is already in the barn. [Gizmodo]

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i love my zune and cant wait to pick this one up

its a little odd that they didnt release all the specs.
I just hope the battery life can handle the Tegra graphics chip


I'm also looking forward to the Xbox 360 integration. That is the main part that really interests me personally. And, this is just me, if i have to pick one superpower to dominate the world, my choice is microsoft, not apple. but that's just me

Diabeetus Man

Oddly enough, I really wanted a radio on my iPod the other day. Maybe Microsoft is on to something...

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