Zune HD Could Beat iPod, and Not Just In Bizarro World

    Though Apple remains the big bully in the media player market, Zune HD is a piece of technology just as good as an iPod. After so many years of being the also-ran, however, just being as good is not enough. The Zune has enough problems simply from carrying the Microsoft handle and history; it needs to offer enough features to awake iPod zombies from their consumer comas. If Bill Gates is game, blogger Lance Ulanoff has come up with a pretty good wish list, including increased Xbox connectivity, adding AM radio and television capability, and cessation of the Microsoft Points program. Though Apple is probably not sweating at this point, the fact remains that Gates is finally closing in and delivering a product on par with those of Apple. This could be the ultimate test of the “If you build it, he will come.” idea. [PCMAG]