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Zomby Uploads Three New Songs to Soundcloud (Audio)

Zomby has gained a reputation for his frantic old school dance-oriented tunes and for canceling shows—including a huge Brooklyn outdoor concert opening for Animal Collective last summer. But he continues to pump out music, and has uploaded three new tracks to the Soundcloud site.


A couple of these tracks are labeled as “jungle” and it’s not hard to see why—“She Loves Me” continues his fascination with harking back to the early ‘90s genre, while “She Loves Me Not” carries on in a similar vein. “Untitled” is set at a slightly different pace, and just drifts by in a frustratingly short one-minute burst of synthesized beats and deeply buried vocals.


Zomby's Soundcloud page can be found here.


Untitled by ZOMBY ®


SheLovesMe by ZOMBY ®


SheLovesMeNot by ZOMBY ®

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Zomby was ill so didnt appear in NYC, get the facts after all you are a f**king 'journalist'.


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