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Zola Jesus Announces New Album, 'Conatus,' For October Release

Zola Jesus hasn't issued a full-length LP since 2009's The Spoils, but she's been busy since, releasing two great EPs, and touring like crazy. But on October 4, Nika Roza Danilova makes her return to the LP format when Sacred Bones issues her new LP, Conatus. The album was co-produced by a fella known as Nudge, and features the eleven tracks listed below. You can hear the sultry album track "Vessel" below too. It certainly carries on the Stridulum sound. Which makes Conatus one to look out for. [P4K]


Conatus track list:


01 Swords
02 Avalanche
03 Vessel
04 Hikikomori
05 Ixode
06 Seekir
07 In Your Nature
08 Lick the Palm of the Burning Handshake
09 Shivers 
10 Skin 
11 Collapse




Zola Jesus - Vessel by souterraintransmissions

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Zola Jesus

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