Zoe Keating Says The Piracy Debate Doesn’t Mean Anything For Artists

    The dialog about music piracy has really reemerged over the past few days given the SOPA saga and the MegaUpload bust – at least one artist is talking about it. Experimental cellist and general iconoclast Zoë Keating told Digital Music News that she doesn’t really care either way. “There are huge amounts of money involved on both sides of this fight, extremely little of it earmarked for artists; neither side has my best interest in mind.”

    Keating apparently makes 44 percent of her cash from online recordings, the rest broken down between physical recordings, licensing, and live performances. She also seems to claim that piracy doesn’t have a substantial effect on independent artists as a whole. Given that Bear in Heaven’s entire career exists as a mediafire file right now, I beg to disagree.

    Still, Keating must knows better than me. Although she doesn’t include any hard evidence, if she says the fight over piracy doesn’t really mean much to her, it’s probably true to some extent. Any burgeoning artists in the comments agree or disagree with her?

    Oh also she says that she doesn’t sell merch because she’s an environmentalist and she doesn’t want to “make more junk,” which kinda makes me sigh.