Zion I Announces Seventh LP, ‘Atomic Clock,’ Due Nov. 9

    For their previous album, West Coast duo Zion I looked to tackle a blend of traditional boom-bap and electronic-based music. And the resulting effort, The Takeover, was modestly received by critics and fans, though it certainty boasted a few killer cuts such as “Caged Bird Pt. 1” and “Coastin’.” Looking to continue shedding their musical skin, Zion I is looking to combine moody, emotional fare with reggae and dub across Atomic Clock. Rapper Zumbi said his writing style was much more instinctive this time around, which has resulted in some brutally honest, introspective lyrics. And on the production end, Amp Live recruited a live band to flesh out his beats and, in some cases, completely redo beats he had already created.


    Atomic Clock is due out Nov. 9 on Gold Dust.