Zack de la Rocha Leads Musicians in an Arizona Boycott

    Last month, Fucked Up lead-singer Damian Abraham scoffed at Canadian indie-rockers Stars’ decision to boycott playing the state of Arizona in lieu of recent immigration policy reform. Despite Abraham’s ridicule, a number of huge names in music have followed suit.


    A new protest started by Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine that goes by the name of Sound Strike has enlisted a musical boycott roster that includes Kanye West, Conor Oberest, Sonic Youth, Massive Attack, Ozomatli, Cypress Hill, Rise Against and Tenacious D amongst others. Oh and non-musician, Michael Moore is also on board (surprise!).


    In a letter written on the new Sound Strike website, de la Rocha references a Rosa Parks-like boycott of “The Grand Canyon State,” stating:


    “When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, they arrested her. As a result, people got together and said we are not going to ride the bus until they change the law. It was this courageous action that sparked the Montgomery bus boycott. What if we got together, signed a collective letter saying, “we’re not going to ride the bus”, saying we are not going to comply. We are not going to play in Arizona. We are going to boycott Arizona?!” [Exclaim!]