Zach Galifianakis Helps Kevin Drew In New Music Video

    Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew released his second solo album, Darlings, in March of this year, and yesterday he released a music video to a track off the record, “You in Your Were.” Drew enlisted the help of an unlikely source to make the video the best it could be, as Zach Galifanakis stars and tries to choreograph the music video. 

    “Dancing music videos make hit records,” Galifanakis explains. “I am in to selling to the masses, if you’re going to sit here and sing your art shit, I’m not into it. Nobody likes good music anymore,” he continues. From there, the actor tries to teach Drew and some professional dancers how it is done. Feist and Galifanakis’ dance move, the “I don’t care,” also make an appearance in the video.

    Drew is set to play a string of shows with Modest Mouse this summer, no word yet on whether there will be dancers and a choreographer needed for the live performances.