YouTube Snags ‘Prometheus,’ ‘Family Guy’ For Digital Rental

    20th Century Fox recently signed a deal with YouTube for the latter’s digital rental service, meaning high-profile films like Prometheus, X-Men, and Black Swan, along with TV shows like Family Guy, New Girl, and Modern Family, will be made available for streaming.

    The service allows users to “rent”  movies for $2.99 and $3.99 for standard-definition or a dollar more for high-definition. Customers then have 48 hours to watch the rental, and many of the films can also be purchased outright. Information regarding TV show rental hasn’t been released.

    20th Century Fox’s announcement means that it joins the other five major film studios in renting its properties out to either YouTube or Google Play, as well as being made available for digital purchase through iTunes and Amazon. In addition, ten independent studios have signed up for the rental service. [Mashable]