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Young Marble Giants at 2009 ATP

In the "Holy crap!" department, seminal, short-lived, late-'70s/early-'80s post-punks Young Marble Giants are slated to appear next spring at All Tomorrow's Parties UK to perform (you guessed it) their lone, classic album, Colossal Youth, in its entirety. Ah, seldom has the phrase "in its entirety," so often used in this context these days, had quite so sweet a ring. The catch? You can probably guess that one too. Like too many recently announced events (Ultravox reunion anyone?) the only way U.S. fans can experience the magic first hand is to hop on a plane to Old Blighty, as the band's only scheduled non-ATP gig is in Wales. Hey, you'll get to see Devo, Spiritualized, and a reunited Anti-Pop Consortium too, maybe it'll be worth shelling out for the airfare...


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Anti-Pop Consortium
Young Marble Giants

wha-what!? That's awesome. Everyone loves the album-played-live thing these days. We also all love our obscure undergrounders coming back from the dead...

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They better release a live DVD of that shiz. Colossal Youth is sorta amazing.

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