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Young Jeezy Announces Release Date Of 'TM103'

Back to complete his thug certificate after momentarily dropping-out due to The Recession, Young Jeezy announced via Ustream video that his long-awaited fourth LP TM103 will be released on September 28th, the same day as his birthday. The ATL-born Snoman has also christened this date "G-Day."


In addition to announcing the release date, Young Jizza (From Da Bottom of the Map) also goes into detail about the recording process of the album, who will be featured on the LP and concludes with this sentiment: "I'm back to Jeezy. I ain't trippin' on[...]what they want, I'm gonna give them what they need, and that's what 103 is." Word. [MTV]


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Young Jeezy

this is the album i'm most excited for this year. #1 jeezy stan right here.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

i second that sentiment.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/saxonb/bad-manjpg.jpg saxonb

Jizzle sucks and daba does too. Straight h8 son!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Dipseth/sparkle.jpg Dipseth

im soo tired of him pushin the album aint cute and it sucks. he my ninja and all but damn


this is gone be one of the albums of the year. im gettin his album gucci t.i when he stop pushin it back. and wayne drop in november. haters hater but cant stop the paper chase

Da f*ckin man

Jeezy isnt ATL-born. Try South Cak baby This ish better drop soon and it better be fire.. its the 28th and im waiting


Jeezy big Dawg. Look man i thought i might give it two before i realized Where da hell is the Album???


its October 1st,Ive been looking for tm 103 all week!!!!!! where the hell is it???????


New track by Young Jeezy TM 103

Justin Mate

young jeezy is my man. I love all his music. I can relate to everything he rap about. I'm from washington,D.C and he is all love.

kevin barksdale

Mane i think this is gonna b one of if not tha best album weve heard from jeezy since 101! December 14


I d/led a leaked copy of the album that was going to come out.... S|-|!+ was gay so he pushed it back to come up with new songs to put on it cause he didn't wanna put sh!+ out. The album originally was mainstream garbage and would have ruined his work. So he put the album off for another year which of course is pretty fuc|{ing low for my expectations of young jeezy. Kinda makes me look at T.I. as the greatest coming out the south. The guy gets locked up before puts out an awesome album gets out and puts out a better one. Young Jeezy does nothing but party and club and cant come up with anything better than a Usher cd.... sad.


Man he da best Mann. Go jeezy dogg


F*ck all dat,,, err album jeezy came out wit wuz fire,,, 103 needs 2 hurry up,,,meanwhile his mixtapes r da sh*t 2,,,yall need2 check em out


you retards dont kno sht, jeezy is the man and all his music is fukn sick. his album got pushed back cause he wants to make it better, i certainly wouldnt drop an album that wasnt ready. and ti drops fire but its burns out quick. jeezy still dropping mixtapes and rippin sht up until he finishes 103, the niggas sickkk and noone can touch em


jeezy whatup with the TM103


all these haters keep hatin on my boi i been waitin on d album 2 but i know 4 a fact dis go b d best album of d year so gucci,and rick ross u got a long way 2 go b4 u can see jeezy.BIRMINGHAM,AL


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