Young Buck To Serve 18 Months Of Jail Time for Gun Possession

    Unfortunately for rap fans, Young Buck just can’t seem to get his shit straight. Here’s a quick rundown to bring you up to speed: in 2010, Buck filed for bankruptcy. Then earlier this year, 50 Cent’s lawyers filed a motion that would prevent Young Buck from using any of his sales from his G-Unit work to pay off his creditors. In other words, stripping him of the ability to sell his intellectual property. If that wasn’t enough, just yesterday it was revealed that the rapper had been evicted from his mansion in Tennessee for owning over $333,000 in unpaid back taxes to the government.

    Yet, the drama continues. It was revealed today that Young Buck will be serving 18 months after pleading guilty on gun possession charges. Federal agents found a .40 caliber Glock 22 and rounds in his (former) mansion. Since Young Buck is a convicted felon, it is illegal for Buck to own firearms.

    Not that it makes things much better but Young Buck dropped a song called “Morning Show” today as well which you can stream over at Rap Radar. Enjoy it because it might be ll you hear from him for awhile. [All HipHop]