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You say "bestiality" Interpol says "synchronized predation"

In a recent bulletin posted on the band's MySpace page, Interpol stated that the cover of the band's new album Our Love to Admire featured "a scene in which a lion and lioness take down a gazelle in an act of synchronized predation." This admission was seen as a betrayal to bestiality enthusiasts the world over, who were hoping that Interpol was in fact endorsing animal-oriented public sex. Although, as previously indicated by Prefix, the album does have a track called "No I in Threesome." Our Love to Admire emerges on July 10th. After the jump: opportunities to catch Interpol's sex act live.
[Update: Interpol Do Not Promote Beastly Sex on Album Cover (Shoutmouth)]

5/27 George, WA - Sasquatch!
5/31 Dallas, TX - Palladium
6/2 Atlanta, GA - HiBuys Amphitheatre (99X Big Day Out)
6/3 Chicago, IL - Metro
6/7 Toronto, ON - The Guverment
6/9 San Francisco, CA - Shoreline Amphitheatre (Live 105 BFD)
6/10 San Diego, CA - Devore Stadium
8/4 Chicago, IL - Lollapalooza
8/5 Baltimore, MD - Virgin Festival
iTunes, Paul McCartney - McCartney catalog yet to appear on iTunes Punk legends selling boots from heaven

FYI, there are actually a bunch of new Interpol dates you might want to post - go to and at the bottom of the home page is a "Live" link with them all posted.

Jen Z

Of course, it's not bestiality if no humans are involved. So that's the end of that argument.


jen z beat me to the punch on calling out that point. me thinks you could have used the term cross breeding or something. but ya know. po-TA-to, po-TOT-to.


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