You Need To Watch The Trailer For Korea’s Most-Seen Movie, ‘The Thieves’

    Anyone in the United States who has managed to overlook Korean cinema has done themselves a great disservice. There are excellent movies being made in that country, and the industry there is only getting better at churning out great dramas, interesting thrillers and some fantastic suspense movies. 

    Until recently, the most popular movie in Korean history was The Host, which told the tale of a monster running rampant in the waterways and sewers of Seoul. However, that 2006 picture has recently been supplanted by the smash hit The Thieves. On the surface, it might appear to be Ocean’s 11 transposed to Macau and featuring a Korean crew, but the similarities are only superficial. According to /Film:

    It’s the score of their lives — if they can pull it off. Five thieves at the top of their game, and the crew is assembling for their biggest job yet. Popie’s the muscle and brains, Pepsee’s the safecracker. Yenicall climbs walls, Zampano is the strategy man, and Chewingum is the master of disguise. But this new score — it’s hot. Maybe too hot. But who can resist the Tear of the Sun: a 318-carat diamond, worth $20 million, and locked away in a casino. 

    Watch the trailer below and get ready for a limited US release on Oct. 12.