You Can See Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’ On October 11, 2013

    Film studios are usually very hesitant to give out any information about upcoming movies no matter what they are. However, the secrecy surrounding Spike Lee’s remake of the Korean masterpiece Oldboy is something to behold. Besides the primary cast (Elizabeth Olsen, Josh Brolin and Sharlto Copley), very little is known about the film. Considering how strange and unique the original is, everyone is curious to see how a director as distinctive as Lee will pull it off. 

    However, more details surface every day. IndieWire has some of the latest, which involves perhaps the most important nugget of them all: when the picture will actually be in theaters. Apparently it will be available for your viewing pleasure on October 11, 2013. The nature of the original is pretty creepy, despite there not being any overt supernatural elements, so the studio is probably trying to cash in on Halloween enthusiasm. 

    Another tasty morsel that’s been shared has to do with two stand-out scenes in the original. Without giving too much away, at one point in the film the protagonist fights his way through a series of henchmen using only a simple hammer. At another point in the film, he also eats a creature alive. Reportedly, both scenes will be in Lee’s version, though in what form is unknown. Hold tight for more information about how these weird portions are translated.