You Can Own This Giant Humpty Hump Head

    Obviously, the highlight of Digital Underground’s video for their 1993 hit “Return Of The Crazy One” is when Shock G (aka Humpty Hump) busts into the club by climbing out a giant head made to resemble his own visage. You’d think that the Humpty Hump head would be safely ensconsed in some mansion somewhere, but it’s actually up for sale–and it’s pretty cheap.

    Someone named “Johnny Pay Phone” has announced its sale on tumblr for the low, low price of “cost of transport.” That’s right: if you can get a U-Haul truck big enough to fit the prop and send it out to Oakland, it’s yours.

    Oddly enough, the Los Angeles Museum of Hip-Hop History is uninterested in the head, maybe because someone actually might have lived in it. Here’s Johnny Pay Phone:

    I have learned from a former tenant of the building that a man was evicted from his apartment, and then lived surreptitiously in the head for several weeks before being discovered. There’s a small green room in there, you see, for Humpty to wait in before he arises.

    Absolutely awesome. And in case you need refreshment, here’s the head’s starring role. [Daily Swarm/egotripland]