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You Can Own This Giant Humpty Hump Head

Obviously, the highlight of Digital Underground's video for their 1993 hit "Return Of The Crazy One" is when Shock G (aka Humpty Hump) busts into the club by climbing out a giant head made to resemble his own visage. You'd think that the Humpty Hump head would be safely ensconsed in some mansion somewhere, but it's actually up for sale--and it's pretty cheap.

Someone named "Johnny Pay Phone" has announced its sale on tumblr for the low, low price of "cost of transport." That's right: if you can get a U-Haul truck big enough to fit the prop and send it out to Oakland, it's yours.

Oddly enough, the Los Angeles Museum of Hip-Hop History is uninterested in the head, maybe because someone actually might have lived in it. Here's Johnny Pay Phone:

I have learned from a former tenant of the building that a man was evicted from his apartment, and then lived surreptitiously in the head for several weeks before being discovered. There’s a small green room in there, you see, for Humpty to wait in before he arises.

Absolutely awesome. And in case you need refreshment, here's the head's starring role. [Daily Swarm/egotripland]


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