You Can Own A Shellac-Brand Exercise Machine

    While we all know Steve Albini’s views on selling out, it seems even he’s not immune to slapping his band’s name onto a commercial product. Specifically, an Ebay user name “rowche-rumble” has a Shellac-brand exercise machine up for sale.

    Even if Shellac’s post-hardcore sounds could conceivably get anyone’s heart racing, the machine came as something of a surprise to rowche-rumble. The user bought Shellac’s ultra-rare album Shellac At Action Park when it came out in 1994 and received “One Shellac Dollar” in the LP. He/she then immediately mailed in the “dollar” to redeem their prize and waited a few months before bassist Bob Weston assured the winner that they would receive their gift “as soon as we find that special prize.”

    Fast-foward to the fall of 1995, and rowche-rumble finally received a Mongomery Ward & Co. Belt Massager with Shellac’s logo on top. Now, it can be yours for $160, plus $2.50 shipping. And lest you sneer: the machine still works (with “Vari-speed Control,” no less). Who says selling out is bad? Head to Ebay to get your bid on. [Daily Swarm]