You Can Buy Bottle of ‘Atmosphere’ From Stone Roses’ Recent Gig

    Were you unable to make it to the Stone Roses’ recent homecoming show at Manchester’s Heaton Park? Fret not, for you can now buy a vial of “atmosphere” captured at their June 29 concert.

    Encased in a 10cc container, the “atmosphere” was collected from the crowd between the Stone Roses’ renditon of “This Is The One” and “She Bangs The Drum Slowly.” The container is up for sale via Ebay UK, where the bidding will end July 10 at 6:42 BST.

    Lest you think otherwise, it’s garnering some hefty bids. While orginally priced at £8.50 ($13.15), the sum has skyrocketed to £567 ($877.43) after 47 bids as of this writing. The seller, “thepotman0161,” is quick to point out its value, stating that it’s “the ONLY example of ‘captured atmosphere in existence.'”

    He also clarifies the use behind his product: “is it like a sea shell?.. will i be able to hear the roses if i open the top??…….not sure if atmosphere and sound mix at the same sort of rate i can’t guarantee you will be able to hear the roses when you open the container..sorry..just want to cover myself.. i’ve got a 100 rating on e bay and would like to keep it :)”

    This isn’t totally ridiculous for a group like the Stone Roses. After all, they are more important than Picasso. [NME]