Yoko Ono Will Curate London’s 2013 Meltdown Festival

    Yoko Ono–who turns 80 next year–has the distinct privilege curating Southbank Centre’s Meltdown Festival 2013. Past curators include David Bowie, Nick Cave, Patti Smith, and most recently, Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons. The annual festival features a mix of music, performance art, and film, with emphasis on the avant-garde–fertile grounds for the once Dada-inspired Fluxus artist.

    During a conversation with The Observer, Ono said she was “deeply honoured” to be named curator and went on to describe her approach to creating a unique program as:

    I’m not pursuing big names for the sake of big names. I’m thinking along the lines of a concept, which is more refreshing. There will definitely be an element of feminism and the plight of women, I am very interested in that. All women are icons of feminism and we have a responsibility to that. I am thinking of having one or two events where I ask men to say something strong about themselves too.

    Like the good conceptual artist she is, Ono gives very little (if anything) away, except that there will be an “element of feminism” and maybe men saying positive things about themselves.

    Meltdown will take place June 14-23, 2013. The full lineup will be announced next year. [FACT]