Yo La Tengo won’t explain title to latest album

    Via: Chart Attack
    Don’t look to Yo La Tengo to explain the meaning behind their latest album title, I’m Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass, which in my book is the album title of the year.

    “I don’t answer that,” frontman Ira Kaplan says while sitting on an uncomfortable bench at Toronto’s Phoenix. “I think it’s better that way.
    “I think the ‘listeners’ guide’ to the record, not only do I think it’s not essential, sometimes I think it’s to the detriment when you know. You think about the cover of Sgt. Pepper. You’re like, ‘OK, I know who those eight people are, and I have no idea who those people are,’ and it just sort of sucks you in. If the record came with a map and an explanation of who everyone was, it just wouldn’t be that exciting.”

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