Yipee Ki Yay! Watch The Teaser Trailer For ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’

    John McClane can’t seem to catch a break. When Bruce Willis’ character debuted in 1989’s Die Hard, all he wanted to do was surprise his wife at a company Christmas party and win her back. Unfortunately, a group of terrorist-thieves had other plans. 

    He took care of that problem, but the next year, he just wanted to pick up his wife at the airport. Predictably, a South American dictator and some disgruntled ex-military officers caused some problems. 

    By 1995, he was on leave from the NYPD and drinking heavily. Wouldn’t you know it that another group of terrorist-thieves would drag him out from the rock he was under and make him play some sadistic games that would prevent bombs from going off around the city. 

    McClane had a dozen relaxing years, but by 2007, he was protecting a computer programmer from rogue hackers who just happened to have kidnapped his daughter. 

    If you wanted John McClane to enjoy retirement, too bad — he’s coming back for another installment and all is right with the world. After almost ruining the pun scheme of the series with Live Free or Die Hard, the franchise has gotten back on track with A Good Day to Die Hard. Check out the teaser trailer below (via ComingSoon.net) and get ready to see McClane shoot and blow up plenty more terrorists and thieves — this time in Russia.