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Yikes. Microsoft Songsmith used to ruin songs by Van Halen, Radiohead, The Police, and Oasis (Audio)


Last week, we brought you the too horrible to exist promo for Microsoft's Songsmith, a program that allows you to sing into a mike and put incredibly terrible backing music underneath your equally awful vocals. But something interesting has been happening at YouTube with Songsmith-- people have been taking a capella versions of songs by Van Halen, Radiohead, Oasis, The Police, and others, and making hilariously terrible Songsmith versions.


Above is a version of Radiohead's "Creep" that doesn't try to replicate Jonny Greenwood's huge two-chord metallic ringing before the chorus--instead the song sounds vaguely reggae-like and mostly terrible.


Here's a version of The Police's "Roxanne" that replaces the song's bouncing rhythm for corny steel drums that somehow seems to moderately improve the song, making it far less serious:


Here's a version of Oasis' "Wonderwall" that sounds exactly like what people would consider "dance remixes" of popular songs in the late 1990s:

And here's the one that's most heartbreaking: a version of "Runnin' With The Devil"that squanders the greatest a capella recording of all time (Diamond Dave's "woo hoo"'s are classic) with corny lounge music. It's too bad to watch. But here it is anyway:
[videos via Pitchfork]
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