Yikes: Ex-Cake Drummer Charged With Child Molestation

    Peter Ivan McNeal, who played drums for Cake as Pete McNeal from 2001 to 2004, is facing charges of child molestation. The 45-year-old musician was caught last month and subsequently released on $250,000 bail. According to Rolling Stone, McNeal appeared in court this past Friday (Feb. 3) “to hear a single felony count against him for oral copulation and sexual penetration of a child under the age of 10.”

    Additionally, the Los Angeles Police Department suspects that McNeal has other victims out there, and they are urging people to come forward with any information. Since leaving Cake, McNeal has done session work and has appeared on albums by Norah Jones and former Soul Coughing frontman Mike Doughty.

    In 2009 he was charged with attempted molestation of a young girl, though details surrounding that case are sparse. Doughty said of McNeal: “There is nothing in my experience of Pete that indicates he’s a monster,” also acknowledging that the stigma of molestation charges labels people ‘monsters’ no matter what a jury concludes. McNeal’s arraignment is set for Feb. 10. [RS]