Yelawolf Isn’t Happy With Interscope

    He’s not the first and certainly won’t be the last, but Yelawolf has a beef with his record label. In a recent interview on Shade 45’s “All Out Show,” the Alabama rapper had some choice words about the powerhouse label’s handling of his last project.

    Radioactive, the last project I put out, was deliberately given to Interscope, and it was on a fuckin’ silver platter, given to them to work. Radio records,” explained the rapper. “Purposefully, it was my attempt. These motherfuckers have given me one single in eleven months. I don’t really understand where the importance is [laying]. And that’s just me being real.”

    Problems with the label aside, Yelawolf said that he is pleased with his situation at Shady Records. “Shady’s great, I love Shady Records. I just think there’s some shit going on upstairs. I don’t know what the fuck’s going on. Back to ‘Trunk Music.'”