Yelawolf And Travis Barker Unveil ‘Psycho White’ EP Artwork, Tracklist

    As previously reported, Shady Records MC Yelawolf and blink-182 drummer Travis Barker are prepping a collaborative EP, aptly-titled Psycho White. While the pair have kept largely schtum in recent months, they’ve finally unveiled both the artwork and tracklist for their upcoming project.

    Although both Yela and Travis hold roots in the rap scene, it looks like they’ve passed on any hip-hop features on Psycho White, instead recruiting Skinhead Rob of Transplants and fellow band member Tim Armstrong (who also plays in Rancid), as well as Michael Meyers and Superman (not the real ones, obviously).

    The artwork, meanwhile, was produced by California-based tattoo artist, Franco Vescovi, and captures the ink-friendly, car-loving, punk image of both Yelawolf and Barker. You can view the cover above, tracklist below and a “making of” video of the artwork after the jump.

    Psycho White EP is due out Nov. 13.

    Yelawolf & Travis Barker – Psycho White EP tracklist:

    1. Push ‘Em (Feat. Skinhead Rob & Tim Armstrong)

    2. 6 Feet Underground (Feat. Tim Armstrong)

    3. Funky Shit

    4. Whistle Dixie

    5. Director’s Cut (Feat. Michael Myers & Superman)