Yeah Yeah Yeahs at work on new record

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs, whose arguable version of the sophomore slump can probably be attributed less to a drop in actual quality than to the sheer physics of our own hype machine pendulum, are back. Or about to be back: Their official website has confirmed that, as of this holiday season, a new album is in the works. The details are at worst sketchy and at best…sketchy. 

    “We have a wet and wild feeling about 2008 and we’re not kidding. YYYs are currently writing and recording another record. A chunk of December was spent on a musical farm in Mass throwing cow dung at each other, making music makes us do strange things. Holidays brought adventures and performances into the YYY foreground. Nick defected to Mexico where he swam with dolphins, made friends with bats in caves with lakes, got into fights with teenage hotel managers, and climbed pyramids. Brian froze his balls off in Brooklyn. Karen went backpacking in Europe, it’s something mostly young broke students do but with the dollar so weak it was still expensive.”


    It will be interesting to see where Yeah Yeah Yeahs take it from here. On one hand, Fever to Tell’s noise pop was almost certainly better received than Show Your Bones’ more streamlined alternative. On the other, the probable root of that preference – and by far the band’s most transcendent success to date (“Maps”) – is pretty much an outlier and sounds like it should have been on the follow-up, anyway.