Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Despair” Remixed By Dave Sitek

    “Despair,” off of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s recent effort Mosquito just received a remix curated by none other than the band’s pal, TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek. The last time we heard the Mosquito single was in a nearly acappella driven music video thanks to New York and Patrick Daughters. 

    However Dave Sitek’s remix strays far away from the actual single, featuring bass undertones, glittering bells, and uplifting horn sections that sort of sound nostalgic to Paul Simon. Unexpectedly, Dave Sitek turns the original heartwrenching burner into a funk driven track. Head to Pitchfork to hear the remix and view the band’s music video for “Despair” below. 

    Also, the trio recently announced they would play at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on 19 September.