Yakuza readies Transmutations for release

    Wow, the Japanese mafia is getting into the record industry? Gotta warn you boys, it’s a bad time to get into the biz. You’re better off sticking with the traditional ol’ gambling, extortion and prostitution rackets. Oh wait – Yakuza is also a highly touted progressive metal quartet that scatters free jazz, world music and post-rock ambience amidst grinding riffs and double-kick drumming? Well that makes a lot more sense. For its new album Transmutations, Chicago’s Yakuza get even trippier and doomier than on their past two albums, and invite along guest percussionists Michael Zerang and Hamid Drake, two biggies in Chicago’s avant-garde jazz scene. Should be a regular post-metal hootenanny if’n you manage not to lose your fingers in the initiation ceremony. Transmutations is out August 7th on Prosthetic Records. Tracklist after the jump.
    1. meat curtains
    2. egocide
    3. congestive art-failure
    4. praying for asteroids
    5. raus
    6. steal the fire
    7. the blinding
    8. existence into oblivion
    9. perception management
    10. black market liver
    11. zombies